Thom Jensen

Writer/Director/Effects Artist/Inventor

Founder of Egghead Films

Thom has a BA from the University of Utah in Film Production. He has been a filmmaker for over 20 years. His feels just as comfortable behind a camera as he does creating makeup and practical effects. Thom often serves as producer, director and writer on many of his productions.

Thom also has a gift for producing instructional and informational videos. Thom makes them easy to understand while being very informative. He is also the inventor of the hit ASOTV product, "The Perfect Bacon Bowl".

Thom's resume:


Some of Thom's accomplishments

* Nominee for Best Feature Film in the 2017 Utah Film Awards

* Writer/ Director/ Effects Artist for over 20 years

* Inventor of an ASOTV Product, The Perfect Bacon Bowl.

Script. Produce. Edit. Effects.