"Product Prototype videos make a great pitch for your product."

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For prices and information on producing an invention prototype video.

Our Promise of privacy and confidentially

* We believe confidentiality is most important especially if you are trying to acquire a patent or have a patent pending but are not ready to reveal your product to the world. A concept product video is an excellent way to pitch your idea to potential investors or ASOTV producers.

* Some inventors only have a prototype and are seeking additional funding to begin manufacturing their product. A video showing your concept in action and is an excellent way to pitch your idea to angel investors.

* We sign an NDA to protect your privacy and your idea. We can also help with the product video script to ensure that it clearly represents your concept and ideals.

* We do not show your prototype video to anyone. Upon completion of your concept video, we give all the video and graphic files back to you for your protection.

What Prototype Videos Should Contain:

1. The video should explain your concept and product in one to two minutes.

2. The video should be professional and direct.

3. The video should explain your product in simple and easy to understand terms.

4. The video should make your product look interesting, exciting.

Example of a prototype product used in a promotional video.

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